Remembrance Day

Apeldoorn has the National Canadian Liberation monument, a bronze statue that represents a waving figure with a hat in each hand. This monument, a sign of joy and gratitude for the regained freedom, is a lasting tribute from the Netherlands to Canada.  At Dow’s Lake, Ottawa, stands a twin monument. Both statues, though parted by an ocean, symbolize the lasting bond of friendship that exists between the Netherlands and Canada. Both monuments have been revealed by H.R.H. Princess Margriet, in Apeldoorn on May 2nd 2000, in Ottawa on May 11th 2002.

The composition of the working group is:
G.E.A. Hendriks (Gerard)
A. Menninga (Anita)
M. van de Poel (Martin)
M. Strik-Van Tilburg (Marleen)

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